Encrypted Gentoo on an M1 Mac

Recently I decided that I hate myself, or in other words: decided to put Gentoo on my M1 Mac(s). Yes, that's right, not only one but two M1 macs. Both my personal and my work machine. The experience was... honeslty pretty easy! I wasn't the first person to do this before, somehow and was able to follow the pretty well laid out docs on the Asahi Github Wiki. I had to do a decent amount of work to get an encrypted partition work, though and also ran into a bunch of issues getting an edge kernel compilied. A few ebuilds later, I had a dist kernel that now was able to keep that process automated and reproducible for some coworkers who decided to join in on the pain with me.

I decided that this is probably something that would be valuable to other people, so I wrote a guide very heavily inspired by one of my favorite guides of all time that taught me a ton about Linux wayyyy back in the day: Sakaki's EFI Install Guide. In the same spirit, I made a guided tutorial (with a few more assumptions than Sakaki's made) on how to install Gentoo on an encrypted partition on an M1 mac (w/ the edge kernel!). Check it out, if you're interested.

User:Jared/Gentoo On An M1 Mac - Gentoo Wiki
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